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Membership is open to individuals and companies in the floral industry. As a FDSS member means you will:

- be in the league of floral designers who are in the forefront of floral designing

- receive information on floral events happening in Singapore, around the region and internationally

- be on the platform to share, exchange and receive floral know-how, ideas and what is trending

- enjoy special rates for flowers and items purchased at flower markets and FDSS programs and workshops.

Individual Membership has two categories; that is Ordinary Membership for those with more than three years experience as floral designers. Whilst Student Membership welcomes those who are studying floral designing or who have interest in floriculture and floral art. Trade Membership is also available to floral associates and business enterprises.

  • Ordinary Membership – Annual Subscription: S$ 100.00
    Ordinary Membership is open to all persons on the recommendation of the Management Committee who are above 18 years of age and who have at least 3 years experience as a floral designer. Ordinary Members shall have the rights to vote and hold office in the Society.

  • Student Membership – Annual Subscription: S$ 70.00
    Student Membership is open to students receiving floral design education / training and those who do not qualify as Ordinary Members. Student Members have no voting privilege and may serve on the Committee.

  • Trade Membership – Annual Subscription: S$ 180.00* (*effective 12/09/2013)
    Trade Membership is open to enterprises in the floral industry, related trade and floral associations. Trade Members shall have no voting rights and may serve on the Committee.

  • Junior Membership* – Annual Subscription: S$ 30.00 (*effective 12/09/2013)
    Junior Membership is open to primary, secondary and tertiary students aged 7 years to 18 years. Junior Members shall have no voting rights and are ineligible to serve on the Committee.

Application & Renewal Forms can be mailed to FDSS, MY MAIL BOX 880219, SINGAPORE 919191 or emailed to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you.

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